11 Facts about the Benefits of Lavender Oil

Benefits of Lavender Oil

If you are looking for a good useful essential oil, then I advise you to stop at lavender. This is an extremely versatile oil that can relax the human body and heal wounds.

Therefore, it is worth carrying a small bottle of it in your bag. Here are 11 facts about the benefits of lavender oil.

1. Used in aromatherapy and massage

Lavender oil is the most commonly used essential oil for health-enhancing aromatherapy. It is also used for massage because it can relieve the pain in your muscles and relax them properly.

2. Helps with burns and bites

A few drops of lavender oil can be directly applied to minor burns and bee stings for an immediate calming effect.

3. Helps in relaxation

Adding a few drops of lavender oil to the bath in combination with other oils, such as mint, helps to relax the body and calm the accumulated thoughts.

4. Treats eczema and dermatitis

Lavender oil can be used to treat eczema and dermatitis. By applying it, either by adding it to other oils, or directly to the skin, you will soothe the itch, which will speed up the healing process of wounds.

5. Relieves headache

Take a few drops of lavender oil and RUB it into your temples. In about ten minutes, the headache will subside.

6. Helps with insomnia

Since lavender oil slows down the processes of the nervous system, helps to relax the body and mind, it will naturally help you cope with insomnia.

7. Helps with nosebleeds

Pour a few drops of lavender oil on a cloth and wrap a small piece of ice in it, hold it at the base of the nose, and soon the bleeding will stop.

8. Treats rashes

Lavender oil can be mixed with other essential oils and applied to the rash. This is an excellent remedy for itching, it also reduces the burning sensation and initiates a rapid healing process.

9. Great for chapped lips

If you have chapped lips, the first step that you can take in this situation is to smear your lips with a few drops of lavender oil. This is a great solution for beautiful lips.

10. Helps with nausea and motion sickness

Apply a drop of lavender oil to the tip of your tongue, behind your ears, or around your navel, and the symptoms of motion sickness will disappear.

11. Used as an air freshener

Lavender oil has a good smell and spraying a few drops in the rooms of your home can really create a pleasant and soothing fragrance that all visitors will appreciate.

As you can see, the useful properties of lavender oil are simply inexhaustible. Perhaps you know its other features? Write us in the comments!

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