5 Common Mistakes That Provoke Spring Allergies

Common Mistakes That Provoke Spring Allergies

How are your spring and summer usually going? If you are constantly wheezing, then coughing, most likely, every year you step on the same rake associated with seasonal allergies. Everyone does not like this state, so we strongly advise you to take this situation under control.

Let’s look at a few of the most common mistakes that provoke the appearance of terrible spring allergic attacks.

1. Ignorance of the sources of allergies

Approximately 2/3 of all Allergy sufferers have no idea what exactly causes their allergies. In spring, the most common diagnosis is “poplar fluff”. But along with the poplar blooms more than two dozen herbs and trees, so do not write off everything on the unfortunate fluff.

At the first incomprehensible manifestations, you must immediately contact an allergist. He is an expert in the treatment of allergies and asthma and can use certain tests to find out the exact cause of your suffering, and then develop a competent treatment to save you from all this horror. Just remember that Allergy tests and subsequent therapy are carried out in the winter when contact with the allergen is excluded.

2. “Blind” spending on wrong medications

In any pharmacy, you will find a lot of medications for any Allergy, but this does not mean that you will necessarily find something that will immediately remove all the symptoms. Many buy and buy all new drugs, but they do not feel any improvement. Don’t waste time and money just because you don’t want to go to the doctor. Only an allergist can choose the right medicine that suits you.

Never, you hear, never buy drugs that helped your friend or colleague, for example. What they use may not be safe for you. I, as an Allergy sufferer with experience, use nasal hormone sprays during an exacerbation and live calmly, but when faced with manifestations of Allergy in someone else, I never advise anyone on my medication, urging them to go to a doctor and listen to his opinion.

You can only ask the doctor, or maybe you should try this or that remedy since you have heard good reviews about it. Therefore, before emptying the pharmacy shelves, look at the clinic. This can really help to get rid of the hated Allergy and save money from mindless spending.

3. Delay when taking medication

Don’t wait until the symptoms start to show up extremely vividly. Your condition may get worse, and then the treatment will take more time and effort. Do not suffer because of not taking medications on time, prepare for the Allergy season in advance. You already know about this “weakness” of yours, why wait until everything becomes quite serious. Just remember, as soon as the weather gets warmer, pollen and mold immediately start flying through the air. It seems that spring is not yet here, and the Allergy is already here. Start treatment a little earlier, then you will cope with the disease much faster and easier.

4. Contact with allergens

Of course, finding a suitable solution for treating allergies is very important, but do not forget about the basic safety rules. Try to avoid the source and instigator of attacks. For example, if you are allergic to pollen, make sure that the Windows in the house are always closed, stay indoors in the middle of the day when pollen is especially active in the air. Avoiding severe Allergy attacks is easier than you think, just listen to our advice.

5. Contact with indirect instigators of allergies

If you feel, after tasting fruit or vegetable, that your lips and throat immediately begin to itch, sneezing and wheezing appear, then you have a so-called oral Allergy syndrome. This is due to the high concentration of the stimulus. It turns out that the immune system simply does not distinguish between irritants and takes the trace elements of fruit and other food for allergens, as well as pollen. If, for example, you are allergic to pollen from apples, cherries, pears, apricots, kiwis, oranges, almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts, then their fruits can also be dangerous for you. Be sure to contact an allergist if you start to notice something like this. It is better to find out the causes of this disease in advance and adhere to all preventive standards.

These were the most common mistakes that sometimes take even the most” severe ” Allergy sufferers by surprise. Do you suffer from any allergies? Tell me, what precautions do you take during this incredibly beautiful, but very dangerous period?

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