7 Stylish Ways to Wear Pearls

Eye Catcher Uses of Pearls

Do you love pearls, but don’t know how to wear this slightly classic accessory to look stylish and fashionable? That’s what I’m here for! Do you think that’s impossible? Possible. No matter how improbable it sounds, you can easily wear an ordinary old string of pearls so that you fall in all parameters under the fashion trends. I have a few ideas in stock, how to beat such a simple, at first glance, decoration.

So, let’s pay attention to the following seven ways to wear pearls so that it looks stylish and everyone pays attention to you.

1. Pearls in the hair

If you have no idea how to wear pearls, or just feel uncomfortable in this Granny accessory, take a note of one image inspired by the fashion house, Coco Chanel. Pearls on a hair clip are not just for brides. Give a twist to your evening look or add charm to your daytime outfit-originality is guaranteed for you! If real pearls are not observed, you can always resort to tricks, buy artificial beads and glue them to any hairpin.

2. Pearls with jeans

They say that in no case should you mix everyday image and feminine jewelry. On the contrary, (French: Au Contraire), as Del Boy would say, you can wear your favorite jeans and choose very elegant and elegant jewelry as accessories. Choose some black skinny jeans, nice high-heeled shoes, and a loose silk blouse, cardigan, or jacket on top. A double string of pearls will perfectly match this image, it will make the image complete, add the final touch along with it. In this form, you will look just super, as if you worked with stylists of some celebrity.

3. Combine pearls with fur

A pearl necklace over a fur coat? Oh, no, that’s not what I meant. For example, a fur collar and a string of pearls. It will be very easy to look stylish this fall, as we are presented with a huge number of options. For example, if you want to decorate the image of outerwear, you can attach short pearl beads to artificial or real fur coats.

Or in winter, you can decorate a knitted dress with this accessory (just think, absolutely everyday image is diluted with a chic festive element). Pearls can be combined with shiny or silk blouses (immediately imagine: a chic party, high heels and skinny jeans) or with a snow-white shirt… I think you will impress everyone with your taste!

4. Elegant look

While we’re on the subject of pearls, could anyone ever find a single mistake in Michelle Obama’s impeccable image? Of course not. Always with a smile on her face, like a true lady, this charming woman is not the most-the most first Lady, but she is without a doubt the most stylish of all. I would advise everyone to adopt her tenderness and femininity in the look, she prefers the most traditional pearl thread or double and slightly longer beads over a classic cardigan, cashmere sweater in the company, for example, with a pencil skirt or a small black dress.

5. Colored pearls

Artificial pearls come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Why not use this to diversify your standard outfit with a single or double string of delicate colored beads? Choose neon or pastel colors if you still enjoy this trend.

Or once again run your eyes over the counters of your favorite accessories store and pay attention to the huge silver or gold pearl beads, the inspiration for the creation of which was inspired by the Baroque style. Be sure that your image will be uniquely beautiful if you choose the right jewelry in this style.

6. Pearls on a chain

Are you still interested in how to wear pearls so as not to look too pompous, but still fashionable? What about the glamorous rock style jewelry that has been so popular in recent years? You can even make them yourself! If you want to stay in the trend, buy such a fundamental large chain and, alternating between links and beads of pearls, create a necklace of your dreams. If you do not want to draw special attention to your neck, take a slightly thinner chain and create a decoration for this mood.

7. Twisted pearls

Isn’t it a great idea to wear pearl jewelry? Can you believe that with simple movements you can easily turn a few uninteresting beads into one simply masterpiece? I’m a big fan of intertwining jewelry that I’m no longer very interested in and creating bulky necklaces that are now just at the height of fashion. Tie together several beads of real and artificial pearls for one or two times, and the knot will be the main feature of this attribute of the image. Feel free to experiment, and you will see how easy it is to create new and new jewelry from the same material!

Things that are at the height of fashion are very easy to wear, especially pearls. What do you think of this classic, slightly traditional decoration? Do you like pearls? Have you ever experimented with different ways to weave jewelry? Be sure to leave comments, I am very interested to know your opinion!


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