8 Best Cold Prevention Foods

Best Cold Prevention Products

Colds are unpleasant at any time of the year when the cold comes – especially. Colds make us vulnerable to various infections, from SARS to the flu, so it’s hard to stay upbeat when it’s cold and gloomy outside.

If you include in your autumn-winter diet the list of products provided by us for the prevention of colds, you will strengthen your immune system and will feel just fine. Well, let’s now begin to struggle with the cold!

1. Citrus

Citrus fruits are one of the best products that can easily prevent the appearance of colds. All of them contain a huge amount of vitamin C, which strengthens your immune system. In turn, this helps protect the body from infections, including colds. Since there are a lot of citrus fruits, I can not determine the best option. Choose for yourself is well known to us oranges, grapefruits, clementines or fruit juices.

2. Chickpeas

It is very easy to include foods that help prevent colds since most of them you eat every day. For example, do you like hummus or falafel, use pea flour, or add chickpeas to salads? Experiment! This product contains a lot of zinc, which has a positive effect on your body and at the same time kills ODS.

3. Strawberries

Strawberries are also very rich in vitamin C., to be honest, I included them on this list because I love strawberries and I think it’s important to enjoy a variety of fruits in the winter. Since frozen fruits (and vegetables!) they are still a great source of the nutrients we need, so you can buy frozen strawberries to make smoothies. I like to use frozen berries as ice cubes for iced tea. You will get a double bonus: extra taste (that is, you do not have to add a lot of sugar) and fresh berries after drinking tea.

4. Almonds

As mentioned before, foods rich in zinc are a good prevention against colds. This is what is indicated on the labels of medicines for the symptoms of colds. Almonds contain a huge amount of zinc and vitamin C. This nut is useful for the body at least in that it helps to improve mood, so it is worth including it in snacks, especially in the cold season.

5. Garlic

Many products that are useful at this time complement each other. For example, hummus without fresh garlic loses its flavor. For this reason, garlic gives everyday dishes a zest. Thanks to antioxidants and microelements, it really protects against colds, is an anti-rhinitis agent, and prevents the blocking of the upper respiratory tract.

6. Pepper

Ready to get two in one? Season your food with different types of pepper to stay healthy this fall. Hot types of pepper perfectly cope with nasal congestion, so red pepper and chili peppers are just the perfect options for you. Sweet peppers, especially red ones, are a source of vitamin C. Dry all types of peppers and eat them during the following cold months.

7. Ginger

Ginger is more than just a great flavor, so using it in food is not only useful but also delicious! This sharp root is universal, you can brew tea with it (all you need for this is a little fresh, grated ginger and boiling water, the broth will stop coughing and at the same time relieve spasms in critical days), and bake ginger cookies.

8. Chicken broth

Our mothers or grandmothers probably said that chicken broth is the best remedy for colds, and repeatedly. And indeed-chicken broth helps! It relieves inflammation, pain, and eliminates the symptoms that are bothering you. With a little garlic, carrots, and celery, you’ll soon be back on your feet.

Remember that this is only part of the products that prevent ODS. Also, many other foods are easy to include in the diet. Following this rule, you win in any case, including the fact that when everyone around you sneezes and sniffles, you will remain healthy. Dress warmly, wash your hands, stay active and eat foods that are guaranteed to protect you from colds.

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