8 Causes and Ways to Prevent Thrush in Women

8 Causes Thrush in Women

Nowadays, thrush is one of the most common diseases, both among women and men. The so-called female thrush is scientifically called “vaginal candidiasis” or simply “candidiasis”, while men usually suffer from “candidiasis balanoposthitis”.

This name thrush received due to the fungus of the genus Candida, which is the cause of the disease. Most often, it is located in the genitals, intestines, oral cavity, and even on the skin. By itself, this fungus is harmless and, like all other microorganisms, participates in the processes of metabolism. However, its excessive reproduction leads to damage to the mucous membrane of the genitals and provokes the spread of thrush.

Today we will talk about thrush in women. The main symptoms of candidiasis are usually:

  •  vaginal itching;
  •  pain and redness of the genitals;
  •  white curd discharge (it is thanks to them that candidiasis got its second name — ” thrush»);
  •  pain and problems when urinating;
  •  pain during sexual intercourse, as there is direct contact with the mucosa.

The most” popular ” of them are itching and discharge, however, the latter can not even be noticed, because of the impossible discomfort, women begin to shower more often. So, what are the causes of candidiasis? There are a great many of them, but most of them can be divided into 8 main reasons.

1. The weakening of the immune system

There are several factors in the daily life of any woman that contribute to the fact that the immune system is weakened. For example, treatment with antibiotics. We all know that, while fighting the harmful “inhabitants” of our body, antibiotics sweep away the good microbes that we need in their path, which significantly harms our immunity. Also, the antibiotics kill the friendly bacteria living in the intestines and vagina. They control the growth of Candida fungi. And as a result, there is an excessive multiplication of them.

Also, the immune system is undermined by constant stressful situations, long-term fatigue, and poor environmental conditions. If you have recently suffered from severe infectious diseases, the risk of thrush on the background of a weakened immune system also increases.

Unfortunately, HIV has become widespread in our time, which attracts various complications to an already weakened body. 

2. Improper nutrition

The basis of our body’s activity is the nutrition system. We attract a huge number of diseases and viruses on our own, absorbing excessive amounts of products that only harm us. Sweets harm not only the figure but also can contribute to the development of diabetes. Just like other endocrine diseases, diabetes itself contributes to the development of candidiasis. Flour, spicy, spicy, pickled, smoked, salted dishes, and products change the acidity of the vaginal environment. With excessive use of them, problems with the intestinal tract arise, then the intestinal microflora changes, dysbacteriosis occurs and as a result, candidiasis.

3. Hormonal disturbance

Pregnancy, menopause, contraceptives (both oral and vaginal), as well as the post-ovulation period, can contribute to the development of thrush and women. There is a violation of the hormonal balance, as a result of which the microflora of the vagina changes and there is a Paradise for candidiasis fungi.

Unfortunately, very often thrush is actively manifested during pregnancy. This entails some consequences that are manifested not only in pregnant women but also in inborn children. In the course of the research, it was found that if a mother also suffered from thrush at the time of birth, there is a more than 70% probability that she will pass on candidiasis to her child, regardless of whether the child was born by cesarean or natural means.

During the period after ovulation, the level of progesterone in the woman’s body increases and, let’s return to the first point, the level of immunity decreases. The same thing happens when you take birth control. It happens that they are a kind of push in the development of candidiasis.

4. ” From hand to hand»

You can get thrush from contact with an infected partner, even just by kissing them. As we have already said, Candida fungi live not only in the microflora of the genitals but also in the oral cavity. It often happens that men, without being exposed to the thrush itself, are carriers and with each sexual contact transmit to their partner more and more fungi as a result of the exchange of microflora. The woman after that, every time suffering from the discomfort of the impossible and tries to cure the disease. But at the next contact again receives a new portion, completely unaware that the reason lies not in it at all.

Or a man still has candidiasis balanoposthitis, but he has mild symptoms, or he hides the presence of the disease, so as not to frighten potential partners. It also happens that thrush is the result of infection with venereal diseases that change the microflora of the genitals.

In any case, try to avoid casual and unprotected relationships or, if it is a permanent partner, try both to see a doctor as often as possible for an examination. Questions on this topic should be asked among the first in the gynecologist’s office.

5. The disturbed microclimate of the genitals

Increased humidity and temperature of the microclimate of the genitals contribute to the development of a “Paradise” environment for the excessive reproduction of Candida fungi. Most often, this is due to non-compliance with the rules of intimate hygiene, such as taking a shower and regularly changing underwear.

The development of thrush can also serve as too frequent use of tampons during menstruation. Sometimes you should still use less modernized, but more proven means (pads), which should be changed as often as possible during the day, so as not to develop unpleasant excessive humidity and so-called “mustiness” in the vagina.

A huge spread was the fact that too tight-fitting synthetic underwear can contribute to the development of thrush.

6. Sugar

Thrush can occur from an excess of glucose in the blood. And you don’t have to eat a cake or a kilo of candy every day. Sugar is found in many foods, including various sauces and juices. It is better to control sugar consumption because this can lead to many problems, including fungal infections. When the glucose level in the body is higher than normal, the pH balance in the vagina is disturbed, which causes the number of fungi to grow.

7. Irregular sleep

If you regularly do not get enough sleep, keep in mind that this is not only bad for your appearance, but also women’s health. Poor sleep disrupts the immune system, which makes it difficult for the body to cope with infections, including fungal ones. Try to sleep enough time so that the body has the opportunity to recover and gain strength.

8. Don’t change your clothes after training

    Wet clothing is the most favorable environment for the development of bacteria.

The mistake of many girls is to leave the gym in the clothes in which they trained. It’s not far from home! But it’s not that simple! Wet clothing is the most favorable environment for the development of bacteria. Therefore, after the gym or the beach, you must change your wet clothes to dry ones. It is also desirable that you always have daily pads with you.

These were the most common causes of vaginal candidiasis. Of course, there are also many others, such as an allergic reaction of the vaginal microflora, inflammatory processes of the genitals (fallopian tubes, ovaries), cancer, and even abortion. It becomes a little scary when you start to understand the reasons in detail.

Prevention of thrush (candidiasis) in women

It seems that the thrush may be waiting for us at every step. You just need to be very careful and attentive to your body, consult a doctor on time and adhere to certain preventive measures.

1. Maintain your immune system at the proper level

In this case, all people in the world have their means, such as vitamins prescribed by a doctor, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other useful things.

2. Follow the rules of individual hygiene

Here everything is simple, this is what we have been taught since kindergarten: a regular shower and a change of clothes.

3. Be careful with antibiotics

Very often, people themselves “prescribe” antibiotics in the fight against a lot of problems, thinking that such cardinal means will cope with any disease. They will manage to cope, but there will be consequences later. Never get involved in such self-medication, only on the advice of a doctor and only if other options do not help you. Remember that antibiotics destroy your immune system, so again we turn to point 1.

4. Avoid stressful situations and fatigue

Our life is full of surprises and often they are not very pleasant. However, remember that health is much more important, try not to give in to nervous impulses and do not allow yourself to excessively plunge into stressful situations.

5. Eat right

For me, this is one of the most difficult points, because I like to eat something harmful. Don’t start a war with yourself, you’ll only make it worse for yourself. Sometimes you can eat sweets, and sharp wings, and grandma’s pickles. But it is worth remembering that the basis of your diet should be healthy, vitamin-rich fresh products.

6. Wear the right underwear

Try to choose your underwear from natural fabrics, such as cotton. It absorbs excess moisture, thus preventing the spread of the medium necessary for the development of the fungus. Your skin breathes and doesn’t get stuck. And tight and dense synthetic fabric, such as lycra and nylon, literally clogs your skin and does not allow you to function normally. Be careful especially in hot periods, then the release of moisture is especially intense.

7. Always visit your doctor for a check-up

No one will take care of you as much as you and, of course, your doctor. Do not forget to visit your doctor periodically, conduct a full examination, and take the necessary tests and smears. The smear should be taken at least once a year. So if you want to avoid such unpleasant diseases, follow the regimen of visiting the clinic that your doctor has chosen for you.

So, these were the main causes of the occurrence and prevention of thrush. Have you ever encountered this problem?

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